Identity Management and Authorization Solutions
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Ozone® Solutions

We provide expert solutions using our Ozone® products to rapidly and securely meet your identity and privilege management needs. From providing a secure platform for mobile and cloud computing using Ozone® Mobile, to PKI/PIV enabling applications across fully federated environments with the Ozone® Suite, to providing or enhancing border security using Ozone® e-Passport, we can help you incorporate a highly secure management and delivery capability while increasing your flexibility, efficiency, and mobility.

Rely on our expertise for effective information security solutions. From researching, planning, and selecting the right infrastructure and software, to custom building the equipment for you, we’ll tailor the strategy to your specific objectives. Our highly skilled experts have built a solid reputation delivering solutions that work. Here is a sampling of our solutions:

Ozone® e-Passport Validation

  • ICAO Public Key Directory (PKD) interface support
  • Configurable X.500 directory precedence for data sources
  • XACML/SOAP interface for e-Passport Document Signer Certificates
  • Extended algorithm support, unnamed ECDSA curves & RSA-PSS
  • ICAO Master Certificate List management support
  • Black list capability for explicitly untrusted signers
  • Configurable grace policies specific to each country
  • Configurable multi-person controls (i.e., M of N security)
  • FIPS 140-2 validated cryptographic modules
  • Can be localized for each country implementation
  • Secure audit trail
  • Flexible licensing terms

Ozone® e-Passport Quality Assurance

  • Perform real-time, document issuance quality checks
  • Perform detailed encoding checks
  • Verify end-point border security results
  • Rapidly profile e-Passport against latest standards
  • Identify past defects to be used for deviation lists
  • Assert proper policy enforcement
  • Integrate seamlessly with issuance systems

Ozone® Mobile and Cloud

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) mapping
  • Rapidly authorize entities with mobile devices
  • Delegate authorization management to application owners
  • Share infrastructure to reduce costs and footprint
  • Cross manage PKI/PIV credentials and devices
  • Provide atomic authorization for cloud applications
  • Reduce costs for developing secure privilege management

Ozone® PIV Enablement

  • Quickly and securely integrate PIV/PKI credentials
  • Easily manage resources and privileges
  • Delegate all authorization management to vested parties
  • Implement M-of-N controls for highly sensitive apps
  • Maintain secure authorizations when disconnected
  • Federate management across organizations
  • PIV enable legacy applications using Ozone® Gateway
  • Leverage HSPD-12 and OMB M-11-11 mandates to implement better security, flexibility, and mobility

Ozone® Attribute Management

  • Independently manage attributes for policy driven applications
  • Securely map attributes to PIV/CAC/PKI and Active Directory credentials
  • Integrate attributes with existing vendors using standards-based protocols
  • Provide Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), or Policy Based Access Control (PBAC)