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Ozone® Attribute Management

Secured with Ozone®

With Ozone’s® Attribute Management, you can secure the source of decision making for important access control decisions. Attributes are distributed with atomic authorization in mind so that they can be exchanged without fear of database, directory, or transactional compromise. Each attribute can be idependently managed and changed only under the tightest security controls and federated across organizations. Ozone® integrates seamlessly into policy decision points or end applications. Ideally suited for security applications, Ozone® provides anonymity even across federated environments. If you are using PKI-based authentication, don’t undermine the security of your applications by using a simple X.500/LDAP directory solution. Ozone® Attribute Management is designed to provide the security you’ve come to expect for your sensitive applications.

How does it work?

AttributeMgmt 600w

Ozone® Attribute Management

  • Independently manage attributes for policy driven applications
  • Securely map attributes to PIV/CAC/PKI and Active Directory credentials
  • Integrate attributes with existing vendors using standards-based protocols
  • Provide Role Based Access Control (RBAC), Attribute Based Access Control (ABAC), or Policy Based Access Control (PBAC)