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Ozone® e-Passport Issuance

Secured with Ozone®

With Ozone’s® e-Passport Issuance modules, countries can seamlessly integrate ICAO Traveler Identity Program (TRIP) compliant digital signature and encoding processes into their document personalization operations to ensure that the Document Security Object (SOD), its Logical Data Structure (LDS), and embedded Document Signing Certificate (DSC) meet the stringent data integrity and encoding requirements stipulated for machine readable travel documents (MRTDs), AKA e-Passports, defined within ICAO Document 9303. And, the system is built upon the solid foundation of Ozone® making our e-Passport Issuance solution easy-to-use and implement while providing the security you’ve come to expect.

ICAO TRIP Compliant e-Passport Issuance Using Ozone® DocSigner

Ozone® DocSigner provides the data formatting, security encoding, and digital signature processing for a secure MRTD issuance process that leverages Ozone® Analyzer capabilities to ensure that the SOD is properly signed, that the data groups are correctly hashed, and that all of the encoding is compliant with ICAO Document 9303 requirements.

Ozone® DocSigner Issuance Process

DocSigner Process Flow605

Ozone® e-Passport Issuance

  • ICAO Traveler Identity Program (TRIP) Compliant Issuance Process
  • ICAO Document 9303 Compliant PKI Component Encoding, including
    • Country Signing Certification Authority (CSCA) Certificates
    • Document Signing (DS) Certificates
    • Master List
    • Deviation List
    • Certificate Revocation List (CRL)
    • Link Certificates
  • ICAO Document 9303 Compliant Logical Data Structure (LDS) Encoding
  • Share infrastructure to reduce costs and footprint
  • Supports fully redundant, distributed processing model
  • Easily incorporated into any issuance architecture to enable ICAO compliance