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Ozone® e-Passport QA

Secured with Ozone®

With Ozone’s® e-Passport Quality Assurance modules, countries can seamlessly integrate a real-time check into their issuance process to avoid costly mistakes. It only takes a few minor mishaps from a system adminstator, hardware glitches or a technology refresh to introduce errors that can be reproduced in hundreds of thousands of passports. No e-Passport issuance system can afford to leave out this most important quality assurance check. Using Ozone,® previously issued passports can be run through a system of checks in order to compile defect lists which can be used in an automated fashion, heading off potentially serious problems at border points. And, the system is built upon the solid foundation of Ozone® making our e-Passport QA solution easy-to-use and implement while providing the security you’ve come to expect.

e-Passport QA 600w

Ozone® e-Passport Quality Assurance

  • Perform real-time, document issuance quality checks
  • Perform detailed encoding checks
  • Verify end-point border security results
  • Rapidly profile e-Passport against latest standards
  • Identify past defects to be used for deviation lists
  • Assert proper policy enforcement
  • Integrate seamlessly with issuance systems