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Ozone® Mobile – Device and Derived PIV Credential Issuance

Ozone® Mobile provides the framework for a secure credential issuance process that leverages the native capabilities of the selected device operating system (iOS, Android, or Windows) and the associated and/or third-party hardware/software components (i.e., KNOX container, Thursby applications, Microsoft Virtual Smart Card, etc.). In support of the Derived PIV Credential offering, Ozone® focuses on the generation of the Derived PIV Credential keys within either the native device container or within a secure container or third-party storage media hosted by the device; the generation of the Certificate Signing Request to the appropriate CA; the collection of the Derived PIV Certificate once it has been generated, to include private key validation of the certificate using the key pair that was originally generated on the device (to ensure that the certificate was returned to the correct device); and the subsequent authorization of the certificate for use to access protected resources across the enterprise. This approach allows Ozone® to leverage the native capabilities provided by the host platform, and any resident or third-party applications, without the need to develop device or OS-specific applications.