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Ozone® PIV Enablement

Secured with Ozone®

With Ozone’s® PIV Enablement, you can rapidly deploy secure authorization management for your applications leveraging existing PKI credentials. For transitional applications, Ozone® can incorporate Active Directory credentials while providing a clear pathway to PKI based security. Whether you only need to reach a federal mandate to authenticate HSPD-12 PIV/CAC credentials, or you want to take advantage of the rapid application development tools for privilege and authorization management, this is the solution for you. Using Ozone,® application owners can manage their own privileges and policies while taking advantage of a shared infrastructure. No other solution on the market provides both atomic authorization and the capabilities to to rapidly PKI or device enable existing applications the way Ozone® does. Digital signatures are applied to every privilege or attribute used to make decisions so that even if a back-end database or directory is compromised, your privileges and attributes remain secure. Ideally suited for cloud virtual environments, Ozone® significantly reduces risks introduced by using shared resources. And since every privilege is secured, federated solutions between organizations provide securely distributed management with seamless integration.

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Ozone® PIV Enablement

  • Quickly and securely integrate PIV/CAC/PKI credentials
  • Easily manage resources and privileges
  • Delegate all authorization management to vested parties
  • Implement M-of-N controls for highly sensitive apps
  • Maintain secure authorizations when disconnected
  • Federate management across organizations
  • PIV enable legacy applications using Ozone® Gateway
  • Leverage HSPD-12 and OMB M-11-11 mandates to implement better security, flexibility, and mobility